Vlad Godoroja

Hello, I’m Vlad, a freelance translator from Moldova. My interest in languages comes from high school, where I studied Romanian, Russian, French and English. In university I learned a new language, which was Spanish. Now I am interested in German and Latin.

Linux and BSD are my passion. They are safe and open source. It was quite a challenge to start using the command line, but it was worth it. Long live Linux and BSD!

Drop an email or find me on fiverr. I accept monero and bitcoin. Paypal and wise (ex-transferwise) optionally.

monero:85fgq91mZDzTZ2Aa9g44811aVXhFJd3XYes6ExN8HpeDdvpQogLobHJZo2gYrVvTpqan6RA5mNLFAJMrSHiiz4Jc2sZN52h [QR]



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