If you go beyond this made-up reality and have a deeper perception of what it’s really going on here, you’ll probably start seeing the hungry spirit that posesses minds since birth. Wetiko is the one-eyed spirit that keeps you blind and focused on the five senses you’ve got. It teaches you love is fear, obedience, worry and care. It doesn’t let you think for yourself, because if you do, you may stand a chance against it and leave the closed-loop cycle (reincarnation), where it feeds on you for ever. Wetiko full text

Canon LBP2900 on Devuan

Yet another guide to make Canon LBP2900 work on a Linux machine. Add i386 architecture for missing packages: $ doas dpkg --add-architecture i386 Update: $ doas apt update Install i386 packages: $ doas apt install libstdc++6:i386 libxml2:i386 libpopt0:i386 Download and install drivers from Canon Europe: $ doas apt install ./cndrvcups-capt_2.71-1_amd64.deb ./cndrvcups-common_3.21-1_amd64.deb Configure: $ doas /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p LBP2900 -m CNCUPSLBP2900CAPTK.ppd -v ccp://localhost:59787 and $ doas /usr/sbin/ccpdadmin -p LBP2900 -o /dev/usb/lp0 Start ccpd service: $ doas /sbin/rc-service ccpd start Print: $ lp -d LBP2900 file. Canon LBP2900 on Devuan full text

Down the gopher hole

Once upon a time, there was a gopher who dug holes to connect people. Down his holes one could find something new, small and powerful. Find the gophered English version at gopher:// Tip: use lynx or Down the gopher hole full text

Asus X51RL Upgrade

This post is for ones who still have old machines and want to upgrade them. But note, it takes time to master a thing, so take your time to do some research! Below are the components for Asus X51RL upgrade. It’s my first laptop and I have no plans to replace it anytime soon. Probably, it’s going to outlive me ;) New: RAM: 2GB (2 slots x 1GB max); CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 (socket P); SSD: SATA III (2. Asus X51RL Upgrade full text

Going retro

I’ve been using lynx browser for some days and noticed how cool the text-only web is. No more javascript nightmare for my 2GB RAM machine, which is still smooth enough thanks to systems like OpenBSD and Devuan GNU+Linux. My web pages go retro too. No javascript, no cookies, no bullshit. Enjoy the new look. Going retro full text

Vetera Novis

Old is new, new is old Sunshine comes and kills the cold Old us, old you, new me To apogee. Song: Vetera Novis Vetera Novis full text

Light and darkness

Human body is a smart system. Like any life form here, it needs light and darkness to evolve and defend itself. Every single day, the body literally lives and dies to come back stronger. Daytime is for woke things and serotonin (sunlight), nighttime is for healthy sleep and melatonin (where’s my serotonin?). There’s no better science than the natural one. Light and darkness full text

Hegelian Dialectic

Believe it or not, the master-slave world is still actual. A good starting point is Hegel’s description of motion: Something moves, not because now it is here and there at another now, but because in one and the same now it is here and not here, because in this here, it is and is not at the same time. Confused? Let’s dive into thoughts and actions, if you manipulate both, you shape one’s reality. Hegelian Dialectic full text

Rosie the Riveter

Back in WW2, there was a fictional Rosie the Riveter, who kept women motivated to work during wartime. Her We Can Do It! was pure propaganda used by government to produce more munition for war. 2021, Rosie is back in your mail boxes for the same reason. Your friends, family, and community ARE ALL COUNTING ON YOU to end the pandemic! is what she says now with a big smile on her face. Rosie the Riveter full text

Dreams as many worlds

What if we create a new world every time we make a choice and continue living in each of them? What if we can travel to any world we’ve created? And what if we access the higher mind through dreams? Dreams are portals to the parallel universes our higher mind has access to. We usually let them be as they are and then make connections between them and the reality we think it’s the true one. Dreams as many worlds full text

CAD, SGD and more

You can now make local transfers in EUR, GBP, SGD, CAD, TRY and HUF. I’m everywhere. Be it Europe, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Turkey, Hungary or United States. Kudos to Wise (ex-TransferWise). But if you don’t want headaches, use monero. CAD, SGD and more full text

Pretty pictures

Just like sugar, beauty fucks us up. But do it long enough and you’re successfully integrated. The appetite is bottomless, people are narcissists, the firewall is strong. However, if you don’t like it, you’re free to leave. Pretty pictures full text


Today I came across the term pre-bunking. Simply put, it’s the perspective that tells you the information to be ignored. And no joke, they teach it in schools. Pre-bunking full text

Satisfaction killed the cat

They say, curiosity killed the cat But frankly speaking, aren’t we all guilty of that? Your journey starts with the questions you have and the answers you’re looking for. Make sure you use the true source. Satisfaction killed the cat full text

Damnatio memoriae

It might be a wrong memory that we have in our minds. Damnatio memoriae gives a picture of how history and culture are made. The thing is culture comes from cult, does it ring a bell? So, a silenced name is a rewritten or even erased name. Latin for thought. Damnatio memoriae full text

ACH transfers

US clients can now pay via ACH. Contact me to discuss the terms and get the bank details. Service available thanks to Wise (ex-TransferWise). ACH transfers full text

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

These three enlightening words come from French Revolution and are part of French Constitution. Unfortunately, the original meaning they had once is no longer applied today. Why? Because you are a different class. What do we have today? Governments imposing regulations (for you, not for them) presented as security and safety bills, which break constitutions on global level. What’s ruling the world and which side are you on? Liberté, égalité, fraternité full text

Wish you were secure

Ten years ago I would have probably chosen the city over the country. You know, ambitions, opportunities, people, entertainment and so on. At this point it’s country anytime, maybe I’m getting old and my philosophy changed or it could be the place that drives me differently. It’s a simple feeling that makes me stay secure. I remember the class I had back in my university years that taught me the people needs. Wish you were secure full text

Calm Window Manager

After some BSD testing, I can say that OpenBSD works better for me, and I already use it as a workstation. The first things I checked on OpenBSD were audio and graphics support. Wow, its sndio is so simple and so good. Honestly speaking, I had a kind of dance while my old machine was coughing a fresh voice. Try it yourself and see how it works for you. On Linux I had been using i3 window manager and I liked it. Calm Window Manager full text

Life and systems

Today I’ll talk about operating systems, you figure out the link between them and our lives. It was back in 2010 when I had an awful experience with Windows, my flash drive containing important docs got a virus and everything on it was lost, and unfortunately, I didn’t have any copies. That made me look for alternatives. I knew nothing about the Linux world at that time (lies, I had a Ubuntu CD in 2006, but I didn’t show much interest in it). Life and systems full text

Allegory of the Cave

Plato’s allegory states that there are prisoners chained together in a cave. Behind the prisoners is a fire, and between the fire and the prisoners are people carrying puppets or other objects which cast shadows on the wall. The prisoners watch the shadows, believing them to be real. Plato admits a prisoner could escape the cave and see a whole new world. The outside world would seem so much more real that the prisoner would try to free the others. Allegory of the Cave full text


Today, you are who you are today, see? (Yeah) You’re still me, but you’re a newer version. Myself ten years from now, it’s so far away, it’s almost impossible to imagine. (I know) Am I alone or is there a wonderful person next to me? (Yeah) Rainbow Road | Cowboy Bebop Today full text

Ted Kaczynski

Ted Kaczynski, part of Harvard’s experiment led by psychologist Henry A. Murray. A former teacher with PhD in mathematics, later known as Unabomber, the man who had sent bombs by mail for two decades. He was arrested after he wrote his manifesto Industrial Society and Its Future in his cabin in the woods, built together with his brother David, who recognized the ideas from the manifesto as Ted’s and reported it to police. Ted Kaczynski full text

Welcome to Upside Down

I leave M. Ellner’s quote here: Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom. Welcome to Upside Down full text

Notifications and dopamine

Today we have technologies that help and connect. It’s simple and convenient till we’re hooked. Apps, we have them on our phones. They notify us, we check them and get high, right? Social media, qu’est-ce que c’est? Every time we’re high, we get a hit of dopamine, and here it is the loop with euphoria and motivation, to want more! Notifications and dopamine full text


For RSS feeds, I recommend newsboat. It’s a beautiful cli package for your favorite feeds. To install it, use your package manager. For example, in termux you install packages with: $ pkg install newsboat Cool, now you have newsboat. Let’s add IntPal feed in ~/.newsboat/urls. Each line is a new feed. Save and run it with: $ newsboat r to reload the feed, q to quit. That’s all. Newsboat full text

Curl, jq and sed

Today I’m sharing some cool linux command line tools. Consider them a starting point to learn new things. To make API requests I use curl. $ curl -X GET {rest_api} --header "Authorization: Token {token}" where {rest_api} is the REST API and {token} is the access token. I usually use GET, POST and PATCH to get, create and edit/delete JSON data. curl together with jq display a more beautiful response. $ curl -X GET {rest_api} --header "Authorization: {token}" | jq . Curl, jq and sed full text

4 sides of Māori health

Māori health has four sides [taha]: taha whānau [family side], taha tinana [body side], taha hinengaro [mind side] and taha wairua [spirit side]. These days many focus on taha tinana, but rather as an eye-catching shell than a protective one. Taha hinengaro is the mind that needs no words to speak. Taha whānau is family as a unit. And taha wairua, the spirit that needs no religious beliefs to create links. 4 sides of Māori health full text

Kia ora

Kia ora, whānau! [Hello, folks!] I didn’t show much interest in New Zealand before, and was so mistaken about its location. This island is so isolated, yet so friendly. Māori language is like a hypnotic lullaby. Ka pai! [Awesome!] Kia ora full text

Sound frequencies

Mind may operate at high frequencies when used appropriately. Just like dolphins' sonar. Subconscious stores some frequencies willy-nilly, so you can return to them on a later date. To better understand it, let’s take music as an example. Music, it’s either something you enjoy or process. Linkin Park, The Rasmus, Evanescence is the music that makes the link between your subconscious and conscious. Crawling [child abuse], In The Shadows [unplugging from the system], Bring Me To Life [waking up to what we’ve become] are some songs you have to see through at some point. Sound frequencies full text

Service updates

What’s new: Added monero OpenAlias addresses: (pay your orders with monero) and (donate to good causes); Removed ethereum; Removed BAT. I prefer monero. Secure and private payments, low fees, sweet wallets. Recommended to everyone who values freedom. Read more on monero project website. Service updates full text

Project Blue Beam

Down the rabbit hole once again. Today we have on plate Project Blue Beam. Serge Monast together with another journalist were researching the project. They both died of heart attacks within weeks of each other. Blue Beam consists of three steps: hoax, space show, artificial communication. You may read the steps in English on educate yourself. Good journalists are labeled as conspiracy theorists, so you find their writings sci-fi stories. Project Blue Beam full text


Today I come with another bitter truth you might not like and accept, I do understand that. It’s not that easy turning down the normal you’ve been receiving from early childhood: learn, reproduce, obey. I’m still a work in progress and I do trust the energy that drives me now more than ever. We’ve been manipulated to follow a rewarding system for so long, that we do anything to fit in. Doublethink full text


As a linguist, I have always seen words more than just letters. Their source beckons me to this day. Today I’ve found a new word kayfabe. It comes from wrestling, meaning keep fake real. Despite its origin, it perfectly fits to the real performance around us. Food for thought, as usual. Kayfabe full text

Narrative identity

Life is built on positive and negative stories, which ultimately shape one’s identity. The negative stories are framed as transformative experiences that lead to new insights about your self. In other words, you take the upgrade and start the meaning-making. That’s how your own narrative is born. Narrative identity full text


If you have a cool project, open source it. It will draw the attention of contributors, and I might be one of them. I find self-teaching the most effective form of education, because YOU choose what you want to focus on. And by open sourcing an idea, you do a good thing, you share your creative energy and make it evolve. Contributing full text

Pay less with crypto

Here it is a special offer for those who pay with crypto: 15% OFF on ALL Monero orders; 10% OFF on ALL Bitcoin orders; 10% OFF on ALL Ethereum orders. No worries, I’ll make sure you pay less ;) Pay less with crypto full text

Stay awake

I’m a freelancer and I select the projects and work on them from home. I never was an office guy, because I think people are truly productive when no one dictates what RULES to follow. I’m not saying to be sick fucks pretending being good and caring or be proud of the norm injected in you, pardon my language, but no fake masks, what I’m saying is start questioning yourself of whose reality you live in. Stay awake full text

We accept Monero

The future is now. Fight for your freedom. We accept Monero. We accept Monero full text

Something is off

The world we know today might not be the same tomorrow. I don’t know much, but something is off for sure. Something is off full text

Door-in-the-face technique

Not reinventing the wheel, we’ve done this before, probably even not realizing it’s quite a strategy used by many of us. DITF technique is all about the requests you want people to comply with. You start with a bigger request to get a door in the face, so that you may address the real one, smaller and more acceptable. Magic. Door-in-the-face technique full text

If clearnet fails

Today I’ll talk about clearnet and darknet. So, you read this on clearnet, where most people spend their time online. But there is a dark side of the web, which is hidden and secured. Here it is a simple example. If IntPal fails on clearnet, there is an Onion up and running on darknet. Both clearnet and darknet may be used at the same time. The heck is onion? Onion is the hidden service of Tor. If clearnet fails full text

Let's tox

What is Tox? Tox is a P2P protocol that replaces Skype. Tox is decentralized, encrypted and secure. Read more on What is a Tox ID? You use Tox IDs to add contacts. You find them in the profile settings. Here it is my Tox ID: A3B7DB49263D2B740A15CDB0DA6E5583C08810946838FB3A512D4F57E614404B0E2A815349BD Is it cross-platform? You may have it on Linux, BSD, OSX, Windows, Android and iOS. No registrations! Your profile is automatically created on your local machine. Let's tox full text

Extinct by greed

The best is the enemy of good. There’s a credible theory in anthropology suggesting that homo sapiens violently killed off the neanderthals, possibly due to resource conflicts. I wonder how the greedy-brained homo sapiens would go extinct. Extinct by greed full text

Hello misanthropes

I would definitely lie if I said I’m the kindest man ever existed. But who needs kind people if they are weak, correct? Most humans tend to think they do things right, that they are meant for some sort of greatness, rationalizing their decisions based on morality. When in reality, we all suck and still do horrible and selfish things to feed that ego. Nah, the soul or whatever moves us was compromised the day it entered the body. Hello misanthropes full text

Hallows' Even

It’s time for costumes and trick-or-treating. Fill that belly with all those goodies. But don’t sleep on your back, that’s how THEY easily put you into the state of sleep paralysis to visit you. Boo! Hallows' Even full text

Introducing same day delivery

Same day delivery service is here. The requirements are: a source text of up to 2 pages; a video of up to 5 mins; an order before 3:00 pm EEST. I always have my pro tools at hand, even if I am not at home. Thus, I may assist you with translations, subtitles & logo hardcoding right on my phone. For that I use ffmpeg, imagemagick and the powerful Termux command line. Introducing same day delivery full text

Slowing it down

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit. Believe it or not, good things take time. Having a slow living in this fast paced world makes you more productive than ever. Do less, but do it better. Slowing it down full text

Thinking inside the box

Thinking outside the box is overrated. Here are some reasons to think inside the box: It’s underrated; It drives creativity; It builds solutions; It’s working within restraints; It doesn’t reinvent the wheel. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Thinking inside the box full text

Dealing with scammers

Today we’ll talk about scammers and what tricks they use to manipulate you. Take some snacks and have a good reading time. I’m writing this from my recent experiences. Three scam attempts with three different approaches in the past two months alone. Keep them coming, I’m ready. I won’t post my original conversations with these scammers. I’ll just keep it simple and short. Espoir Tagnon story. I start with this one, because this Espoir Tagnon was the only one who managed to manipulate me. Dealing with scammers full text

Learning through suffering

Not a bad thing. We all suffer at some point. Be it grief, loss, irritation or it simply doesn’t go our way. It’s part of our lives, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Attachment. As Buddha said, The root of all suffering is attachment. We get attached to pets, people, things and there’s no way out of it. Everything is impermanent, and just this thought could make you suffer on some level. Learning through suffering full text

I am crypto-friendly

Why crypto? Well, it’s a good question. First and foremost, it’s your own bank. Period. Crypto is irreversible, no worries as to chargebacks, hidden fees or greedy scammers. Pay with crypto. I accept bitcoin, ethereum and BAT tokens. If you liked my services, you might want to tip BAT tokens by browsing IntPal with Brave. It’s faster than Chrome and Firefox, I promise. It also has shields which block ads and trackers! I am crypto-friendly full text



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