Dealing with scammers

Oct 6, 2019

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Today we’ll talk about scammers and what tricks they use to manipulate you. Take some snacks and have a good reading time.

I’m writing this from my recent experiences. Three scam attempts with three different approaches in the past two months alone. Keep them coming, I’m ready.

I won’t post my original conversations with these scammers. I’ll just keep it simple and short.

Espoir Tagnon story. I start with this one, because this Espoir Tagnon was the only one who managed to manipulate me.

I met him on a freelance website while browsing some job postings. It’s a Russian platform, so most postings are in Russian.

We started a conversation and he kept using a near perfect Russian. Later I noticed some minor mistakes, but I was still falling for it.

So, we agreed on delivery terms and price. I still didn’t have the source text he wanted to translate, he gave me only the word count, I kindly asked him to send it. He did not, but instead he was focused on the payment method. He said he could pay with Western Union, but he needed me to send him the fee he would spend for the money transfer. That’s where the thought came to me that he was an obvious scammer and I ended the conversation.

Rose story. The so-called Rose got in touch via email, saying that she inherited big money from her Nigerian billionaire father who passed away not so long ago. Her money was in an European bank, so she needed help getting it. She kindly asked for my bank information, so that she could provide it to her lawyer. And of course, I would get paid for that. No, not falling for it again.

kingrap33 story. SMS scam attempt in the middle of the night. That was a demand to send back money to someone I didn’t even know, or I and my Indian friends would get into trouble. I had 6 hours for that. SMS received from Lebanon.

As you can see, the first attempt came with a job offer. The other two were just absurd emotional manipulations. It’s either “help me,” or “do that, otherwise you get into trouble.”




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