Let's tox

November 26, 2019 140 words

    What is Tox? Tox is what Skype would have been if Microsoft hadn’t taken over it. Tox is decentralized, encrypted and secure. Read more on tox.chat.

    What is a Tox ID? You use Tox IDs to add contacts. You find them in the profile settings. Here it is my Tox ID: A3B7DB49263D2B740A15CDB0DA6E5583C08810946838FB3A512D4F57E614404B0E2A815349BD

    Is it cross-platform? You may have it on Linux, BSD, OSX, Windows, Android and iOS. No registrations! Your profile is automatically created on your local machine. To use the same profile on different platforms, you just import your .tox profile to your favorite app. It’s good to have a copy of that file somewhere safe. See the apps here.

    Why should I care? Well, if you’re sick of being used and abused by the big companies, you should definitely consider Tox. It just TRULY respects YOU.

    Let’s tox!