Jun 8, 2020

163 words

Today I come with another bitter truth you might not like and accept, I do understand that. It’s not that easy turning down the normal you’ve been receiving from early childhood: learn, reproduce, obey.

I’m still a work in progress and I do trust the energy that drives me now more than ever.

We’ve been manipulated to follow a rewarding system for so long, that we do anything to fit in. Work, get your money, spend your money and get excited doing it over and over again. This kills the real YOU.

Manipulations are results of doublethinking. George Orwell is the one who mentioned doublethink for the first time in his book 1984. This is a product of brainwashing program which screws you so hard, that you accept false as true, or even worse, you accept two contradictory things as normal: you do THIS in the park, but you do NOT do THIS on the beach. And of course, it’s for your safety.




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