Ted Kaczynski

Sep 2, 2020

144 words

Ted Kaczynski, part of Harvard’s experiment led by psychologist Henry A. Murray. A former teacher with PhD in mathematics, later known as Unabomber, the man who had sent bombs by mail for two decades.

He was arrested after he wrote his manifesto Industrial Society and Its Future in his cabin in the woods, built together with his brother David, who recognized the ideas from the manifesto as Ted’s and reported it to police. A specialist in linguistic analysis confirmed it by finding matches between the letters Ted sent to his relatives and the manifesto he wrote.

During his trial, he had not much time and options and chose to rather plead guilty than stay in a mental institution with the medication that will make him sane enough to defend himself in court, as he couldn’t trust any lawyers.

This is Ted’s story, what’s yours?




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