Down the gopher hole

Once upon a time, there was a gopher who dug holes to connect people. Down his holes one could find something new, small and powerful. Find the gophered English version at gopher:// Tip: use lynx or Down the gopher hole full text

CAD, SGD and more

You can now make local transfers in EUR, GBP, SGD, CAD, TRY and HUF. I’m everywhere. Be it Europe, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Turkey, Hungary or United States. Kudos to Wise (ex-TransferWise). But if you don’t want headaches, use monero. CAD, SGD and more full text

ACH transfers

US clients can now pay via ACH. Contact me to discuss the terms and get the bank details. Service available thanks to Wise (ex-TransferWise). ACH transfers full text

Service updates

What’s new: Added monero OpenAlias addresses: (pay your orders with monero) and (donate to good causes); Removed ethereum; Removed BAT. I prefer monero. Secure and private payments, low fees, sweet wallets. Recommended to everyone who values freedom. Read more on monero project website. Service updates full text


If you have a cool project, open source it. It will draw the attention of contributors, and I might be one of them. I find self-teaching the most effective form of education, because YOU choose what you want to focus on. And by open sourcing an idea, you do a good thing, you share your creative energy and make it evolve. Contributing full text

Pay less with crypto

Here it is a special offer for those who pay with crypto: 15% OFF on ALL Monero orders; 10% OFF on ALL Bitcoin orders; 10% OFF on ALL Ethereum orders. No worries, I’ll make sure you pay less ;) Pay less with crypto full text

We accept Monero

The future is now. Fight for your freedom. We accept Monero. We accept Monero full text

Introducing same day delivery

Same day delivery service is here. The requirements are: a source text of up to 2 pages; a video of up to 5 mins; an order before 3:00 pm EEST. I always have my pro tools at hand, even if I am not at home. Thus, I may assist you with translations, subtitles & logo hardcoding right on my phone. For that I use ffmpeg, imagemagick and the powerful Termux command line. Introducing same day delivery full text

I am crypto-friendly

Why crypto? Well, it’s a good question. First and foremost, it’s your own bank. Period. Crypto is irreversible, no worries as to chargebacks, hidden fees or greedy scammers. Pay with crypto. I accept bitcoin, ethereum and BAT tokens. If you liked my services, you might want to tip BAT tokens by browsing IntPal with Brave. It’s faster than Chrome and Firefox, I promise. It also has shields which block ads and trackers! I am crypto-friendly full text



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