Canon LBP2900 on Devuan

Yet another guide to make Canon LBP2900 work on a Linux machine. Add i386 architecture for missing packages: $ doas dpkg --add-architecture i386 Update: $ doas apt update Install i386 packages: $ doas apt install libstdc++6:i386 libxml2:i386 libpopt0:i386 Download and install drivers from Canon Europe: $ doas apt install ./cndrvcups-capt_2.71-1_amd64.deb ./cndrvcups-common_3.21-1_amd64.deb Configure: $ doas /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p LBP2900 -m CNCUPSLBP2900CAPTK.ppd -v ccp://localhost:59787 and $ doas /usr/sbin/ccpdadmin -p LBP2900 -o /dev/usb/lp0 Start ccpd service: $ doas /sbin/rc-service ccpd start Print: $ lp -d LBP2900 file. Canon LBP2900 on Devuan full text

Down the gopher hole

Once upon a time, there was a gopher who dug holes to connect people. Down his holes one could find something new, small and powerful. Find the gophered English version at gopher:// Tip: use lynx or Down the gopher hole full text

Asus X51RL Upgrade

This post is for ones who still have old machines and want to upgrade them. But note, it takes time to master a thing, so take your time to do some research! Below are the components for Asus X51RL upgrade. It’s my first laptop and I have no plans to replace it anytime soon. Probably, it’s going to outlive me ;) New: RAM: 2GB (2 slots x 1GB max); CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 (socket P); SSD: SATA III (2. Asus X51RL Upgrade full text

Going retro

I’ve been using lynx browser for some days and noticed how cool the text-only web is. No more javascript nightmare for my 2GB RAM machine, which is still smooth enough thanks to systems like OpenBSD and Devuan GNU+Linux. My web pages go retro too. No javascript, no cookies, no bullshit. Enjoy the new look. Going retro full text

Calm Window Manager

After some BSD testing, I can say that OpenBSD works better for me, and I already use it as a workstation. The first things I checked on OpenBSD were audio and graphics support. Wow, its sndio is so simple and so good. Honestly speaking, I had a kind of dance while my old machine was coughing a fresh voice. Try it yourself and see how it works for you. On Linux I had been using i3 window manager and I liked it. Calm Window Manager full text

Life and systems

Today I’ll talk about operating systems, you figure out the link between them and our lives. It was back in 2010 when I had an awful experience with Windows, my flash drive containing important docs got a virus and everything on it was lost, and unfortunately, I didn’t have any copies. That made me look for alternatives. I knew nothing about the Linux world at that time (lies, I had a Ubuntu CD in 2006, but I didn’t show much interest in it). Life and systems full text


For RSS feeds, I recommend newsboat. It’s a beautiful cli package for your favorite feeds. To install it, use your package manager. For example, in termux you install packages with: $ pkg install newsboat Cool, now you have newsboat. Let’s add IntPal feed in ~/.newsboat/urls. Each line is a new feed. Save and run it with: $ newsboat r to reload the feed, q to quit. That’s all. Newsboat full text

Curl, jq and sed

Today I’m sharing some cool linux command line tools. Consider them a starting point to learn new things. To make API requests I use curl. $ curl -X GET {rest_api} --header "Authorization: Token {token}" where {rest_api} is the REST API and {token} is the access token. I usually use GET, POST and PATCH to get, create and edit/delete JSON data. curl together with jq display a more beautiful response. $ curl -X GET {rest_api} --header "Authorization: {token}" | jq . Curl, jq and sed full text



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