Service updates

What’s new: Added monero OpenAlias addresses: (pay your orders with monero) and (donate to good causes); Removed ethereum; Removed BAT. I prefer monero. Secure and private payments, low fees, sweet wallets. Recommended to everyone who values freedom. Read more on monero project website. Service updates full text

Pay less with crypto

Here it is a special offer for those who pay with crypto: 15% OFF on ALL Monero orders; 10% OFF on ALL Bitcoin orders; 10% OFF on ALL Ethereum orders. No worries, I’ll make sure you pay less ;) Pay less with crypto full text

We accept Monero

The future is now. Fight for your freedom. We accept Monero. We accept Monero full text

If clearnet fails

Today I’ll talk about clearnet and darknet. So, you read this on clearnet, where most people spend their time online. But there is a dark side of the web, which is hidden and secured. Here it is a simple example. If IntPal fails on clearnet, there is an Onion up and running on darknet. Both clearnet and darknet may be used at the same time. The heck is onion? Onion is the hidden service of Tor. If clearnet fails full text

Let's tox

What is Tox? Tox is a P2P protocol that replaces Skype. Tox is decentralized, encrypted and secure. Read more on What is a Tox ID? You use Tox IDs to add contacts. You find them in the profile settings. Here it is my Tox ID: A3B7DB49263D2B740A15CDB0DA6E5583C08810946838FB3A512D4F57E614404B0E2A815349BD Is it cross-platform? You may have it on Linux, BSD, OSX, Windows, Android and iOS. No registrations! Your profile is automatically created on your local machine. Let's tox full text

I am crypto-friendly

Why crypto? Well, it’s a good question. First and foremost, it’s your own bank. Period. Crypto is irreversible, no worries as to chargebacks, hidden fees or greedy scammers. Pay with crypto. I accept bitcoin, ethereum and BAT tokens. If you liked my services, you might want to tip BAT tokens by browsing IntPal with Brave. It’s faster than Chrome and Firefox, I promise. It also has shields which block ads and trackers! I am crypto-friendly full text



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